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Welcome to Herculean Gym Wear

Posted by Nick on

Welcome to our website. We hope you like it.

We have been quite busy working on perfecting our product range prior to launch. We are a business that sell top quality gym wear appealing to a wide range of fitness enthusiasts. We will be selling a wide range of T-Shirts, Tank Tops, Stringer Vests, Shorts, Joggers, Hoodies, Snapbacks, Gym Bags and more. It is currently early days for us but we plan to expand our range and create products that are not only functional but also stylish. It's 2014, who doesn't want to look good whilst at the gym?

Keep your eye on our blog as it will be updated regularly with our plans for new products and any information about the company that may be of interest to you.

We plan to also help you with training advice in the form of articles and videos so stay tuned.

Our goal is not only to ensure that you look 'Herculean' in our clothing, but to also reach your goal of becoming 'Herculean' yourself (see what I did there?). Hope that wasn't too cheesy.

You can also check us out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We will constantly be updating them information relevant to what we're doing. Click on the social media links to find us.

Something we plan on doing in the near future is creating a 'Herculean Wall of Fame'. What we will want you do is submit your best photo of yourself flexing in one of our products. We will be announcing a winner each month and adding that person to the hall of fame. Only the most creative will be picked. No rules around the sort of flex that you do or where it is (you'll get points for it being somewhere more creative than the gym).

We hope you have enjoyed the website and would love to see you again soon.

Keep training hard.

Team Herculean